Youth Council 2015 / 2016 Conseil des jeunes 2015 / 2016

Meet the Youth Council 2015/2016!


Atae is a third year Economics and Mathematics student at the University of Ottawa. Originally from Morocco, his interest for Canadian history and his desire to meet new people with whom he shares the same interests is what motivated him to join the Youth Council. He wants to help increase the local community engagement and appreciation of Ottawa’s history while having fun. When he is not at the University studying, Atae enjoys watching movies, kayaking, and reading about different interesting topics.

Carson T.


Carson arrived in Ottawa a year ago after having graduated from high school in Quebec. She had lived in a small town for her whole life which is what encouraged her interest in learning about the rest of the world and especially its history. This fall she will be graduating from Grade 12 and will be taking Conflict Studies and Human Rights at the University of Ottawa. Her goal is to eventually travel the world and help people as she experiences firsthand how our history can influence our present.

Charlotte S-F.


Charlotte is a high school student in the Drama program. Her favourite type of theatre is Canadian theatre about war. Outside of YoCo, she can be found sewing, hula hooping or rereading Harry Potter (she’s a proud Ravenclaw). She would like to study Ancient History, and her favourite Roman emperor is Justinien. She joined YoCo to get more involved in Ottawa history, which is surprisingly thrilling!

Delany L.


Though not an Ottawa native herself, Delany developed a love for the city while studying history at uOttawa. Now in her third year, she is excited to see her passions for blogging, history, and volunteering combine in her new role as a member of YoCo. When she’s not doing any of those things, she enjoys reading, classic film, cats, and shopping.

Fan L.


Fan L. is an international student who is from Xi’an in China, now currently a secondary language EAP program student at Carleton University. He will be expected to get into Bachelor of Social Work in this upcoming May. He joined YoCo not only because of his desire to learn more about the capital city of this fascinating country, but also to gain volunteering experience for his future life. He has a strong hope of helping everybody who needs help. Fan is a committed volunteer who is curious about the things he will confront in the future!

Holly H-G.

Holly is a third year student at the University of Ottawa studying History and Classical Studies. As an avid lover of public history, Holly joined in hopes to expand her knowledge and experience in sharing local history with the wider public. Though not a native of Ottawa, she has found the history of the nation’s capital to be thrilling and rife with interesting happenings. Holly hopes one day to take her knowledge of local histories – much of it taken from Ottawa – and turn it into a career educating others on where they live.

Jessie L.


Jessie is a student at the University of Ottawa working towards completing her last year of undergraduate studies in History and Political Science. As a new member the Youth Council, Jessie hopes to share her passion for Ottawa’s history while engaging in fun and interactive ways of educating youth about local history. In her spare time Jessie loves to explore Ottawa through participating in the city’s many festivals and historic events.

Lilia L.


Lilia is graduating this spring from the University of Ottawa, with an honours degree in History and a minor in Political Science. This is her third year on YoCo, and she is excited for the historical discoveries this year will bring. As a lifelong Ottawan, Lilia is intrigued by how the past is present in the city – from the iconic Parliament Buildings to the local neighbourhood park. In her free time, she enjoys reading and exploring Ottawa’s many delicious dessert spots.

Lindsay M.


Lindsay is a student at the University of Ottawa studying History. She joined YoCo due to her interest in local history and museums. Although not an Ottawa native, Lindsay wants to learn more and share her existing knowledge on her adopted city.

Marielle R.


Serena Y.


Serena is a student at the University of Ottawa in History and English Literature. An advocate for the preservation of local history, Serena volunteered at Fort York National Historic Site in Toronto, for the bicentennial of the War of 1812. After moving to Ottawa, she joined the Bytown Youth Council to help promote Ottawa’s history. She enjoys reading, writing and exploring the city, where there’s always something new to discover!

Sarah C-F.


Sarah is in her final year of Cégep in Social Sciences from a town just across the Ottawa River. As a museum enthusiast, she joined YoCo to meet other interesting youth and help promote Ottawa’s history in the region. When she is not taking afternoon naps, you can find her biking around town, baking up a storm or making minute rice in 58 seconds.

Sophie B.


Sophie is in grade 10. She likes to play music and sing. Sophie decided to join the Youth Council because she loves Canadian history and wanted to get involved with the community.

Taha K.


Taha comes to the Youth Council through his love for speaking, leading, and dreaming. He believes that every historical Canadian figure and event is important and he sees that many generations of youth are not aware of Ottawa’s history. He hopes that by sharing his perspective, he may encourage others to embrace Ottawa’s history and to share it to the rest of the world. Currently, Taha is in his last year of High School, and enjoys being everywhere from taking on the role of a volunteer at hospitals to chairing youth advisory committees across the National Capital. Taha hopes to one day use his experience with the Bytown Museum’s Youth Council – along with his education – to create awareness of Canadian history, and more importantly, to advocate the discovery of Bytown, the historic and humble genesis of Canada.

Corrie Bouskill – Youth Council Facilitator


Corrie is the Youth Council Facilitator, meaning she helps bring YoCo’s fantastic ideas to fruition by connecting them with the right people and resources. Corrie was born and raised in Ottawa and is proud to work at the BYTOWN MUSEUM which tells Ottawa’s story so well! Corrie is excited to help YoCo share Ottawa’s amazing past through blogs like this one and more!


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