Youth Council 2014 / 2015 Conseil des jeunes 2014 / 2015

Sophie B.


Hi my name is Sophie B. and  I joined the BYTOWN MUSEUM Youth Council to learn more about Ottawa. I love to read, write, sing and play music! I’m very interested in Ottawa and the locks along the Rideau Canal.

Rhea B.


I’m Rhea, and I’ve lived in Ottawa since I was two. I joined the Youth Council to learn more about my city.

Alana C.


My name is Alana and if there’s one thing I know best, it’s Ottawa. Being able to call the heart of Canada my “home” is something that I cherish greatly. Otherwise, I’m a student at the University of Ottawa studying Political Science and Public Administration. When my life isn’t consumed by school, I enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, and all things fashion. My passion for history and for the arts made joining the Bytown Youth Council an easy decision. I hope to contribute to the initiative by providing creative ideas, support and leadership.

Jennifer D.


My name is Jennifer and I’m a History student at the University of Ottawa. I first became interested in museums 5 years ago when I started volunteering at a community museum in my hometown of Scarborough. I’m looking forward to learning lots about Ottawa’s history here at the Bytown Museum.

Seamus D.


Hello my name is Seamus D. and I am Radio Broadcasting graduate. I cannot wait to get back in to blogging, podcasting and working with like-minded people. The city has such a rich history and I can’t wait to dig some more of it up!

Taha K.


Frederico Fellini said “All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” The trouble with writing my life story in chronological order is that while it is logical and tells you whom I am, it doesn’t really tell you what I am. Here are some basic facts about me which might be of interest, at least I hope so.

My name is Taha, and I joined Bytown Museum’s Youth Council as I was interested in preserving and promoting Ottawa’s history, as a volunteer committed to engaging visitors of the museum and community in discovery and dialogue to deepen the connection to community and foster an understanding and pride of place. I’m currently a high school student enrolled in the IB MYP program, and volunteering has been on my radar for quite a while, and when I saw this volunteering opportunity to join the Museum’s Youth Council, I knew it was a perfect fit!

Lilia L.


Hey, I’m Lilia and I study history and political science at the University of Ottawa. I’m returning to the Youth Council after our busy first year and looking forward to new opportunities, events and blog posts. Ottawa is a city with a rich past – I’m excited to continue sharing out discoveries!

Mikhaila P.


History major at Carleton University.

My main area’s of interest lie in local Ottawa and Ontario social, architectural, and digital history. I attended Carleton, and am now studying Medical Esthetics at Hinds College of Advanced Esthetics.

The thing about history is that as you research, it can take you anywhere, and your interests change. I started off with a great interest in Scottish history, which moved to local history, and has again shifted to the history and folklore of Newfoundland. One historian cannot be the same as another, so here at the BYTOWN MUSEUM Youth Council, we all have interesting perspectives to bring to the table. I typically write about micro-histories, so very specific time stamps in history. This will be the first opportunity I will have to write about Ottawa’s history, and I am very excited to contribute to the works of our common histories, here in Ottawa.

My favourite historical quote would have to be “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything at all. You are a leaf, that doesn’t know it is a part of a tree” – Michael Crichton, Creator of Jurassic Park

Charlotte S-F.


Charlotte is a high school student in the Drama program. Her favourite type of theatre is Canadian theatre about war. Outside of YoCo, she can be found sewing, hula hooping or rereading Harry Potter (she’s a proud Ravenclaw). She would like to study Ancient History, and her favourite Roman emperor is Justinien. She joined YoCo to get more involved in Ottawa history, which is surprisingly thrilling!

Serena Y.


My name is Serena and I study History and English literature at the University of Ottawa. Originally from Toronto, I made many visits to Ottawa while I was growing up, and the BYTOWN MUSEUM was always one of my favourite museums.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, travelling and drawing. I’m looking forward to learning even more about the city through Youth Council, especially in regard to politics and community history. This is a wonderful opportunity and I am excited to contribute to the preservation of Ottawa’s history!

Jocelyn B.Youth Council Facilitator



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